Citrus Aurantium Extract -- 40% Hesperidin

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Product description

Citrus flavonoids are bioflavonoids with obvious Biological Action extracted from citrus fruits. It has specific aromaticity and obvious pharmacological action.

Clinical research testified that Citrus Bioflavonoids is not only pharmacology gene but also important nutrition gene. Typical sources for Bioflavonoids include the natural substances found in vegetables, fruits and grains. Bioflavonoids are required to be complemented as quick metabolism in human's body. 


The efficacy of flavonoids and flavonoid-rich extracts in treating varicose veins is related to their ability to:

1.reduce capillary fragility,

2.increase the integrity of the venous wall,

3.inhibit the breakdown of the compounds composing the ground substance,

4.increase the muscular tone of the vein.


1.As the raw materials of drugs for bacterial infections,sedative and anti-cancer, it is widely used in medical field;

2.As the product of sedative and boosting immune system, it is widely used in field of health product;

3.As the product of leisure and boosting immune system,it is widely used in cosmetics industry.

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