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DHA Algal oil is a light yellow or orange yellow oily liquid. Containing a minimum of 40% DHA, the refined DHA
algal oil is 
extracted and purified from Schizochytrium aggregatum fermentation broth, stablized with Mixed
Natural Tocopherols. DHA Algal Oil 
could be fortified into food application, including baby food. The regular DHA
content is 40% but we could produce as high up to 55% according to customer's requirement. Both normal and
winterized oil could be provided against customers' different application and requirement.



1 .Promotes brain development and improves cognitive ability.

2. Promotes physical development and ensures the health of the body.

3. Enhances the development of vision and reduces visual defects.

4. Protects premature babies and improves their health.

5. Improves brain development children and improves the childhood happiness index.

6. Supports immune system development and improves the health of the respiratory system.

7. Regulates emotion and eases postpartum depression.

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