Lobelia Inflata Extract
  • Lobelia Inflata Extract
  • Lobelia Inflata Extract

Lobelia Inflata Extract

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Lobelia, also known as the urgent solution to cable, and half of the flower, small Spartina Guaren grass, long caterpillar fungus, snake tongue grass, Campanulaceae perennial herb about 10cm. The whole plant medicine with diuretic swelling, heat, and detoxification, can be used for the treatment of large abdominal edema, swelling of the face enough, carbuncles boils Snake bites. Born in the ditch beside the paddy field edge, roadside, and other wet areas.


1) Diuretic effect, antiulcer effect.
2) Choleretic effect, anti-snake venom effect.
3) Lobelia herb effects on the nervous system are similar to nicotine, but strength only 1/5-1/20 of nicotine.
4) Central system inhibition; respiratory exciting role.
5) Role in the cardiovascular system.
6) Light diarrhoea function, inhibit appetite.
7) Hemostasis function, anticarcinogenic function.


1) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.
2) Applied in health products.

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