kidney tea extract 0.2% hesperetin(UV)

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Teasel Root Extract helps tackle a plethora of problems, being an anti-inflammatory and a stimulant for the nervous system, speeding the physical process of healing. This herbal gem is in the Dipsacus family, a genus of flowering plant that includes around 15 species of biennial plants (meaning it has a two year lifecycle, growing stems and leaves the first year and flowering the next). Dipsacus are native to Africa, Asia, and Europe.


1. Treats osteoporosis and osteopenia: Teasel is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver and kidney toner. Grant states, "Teasel Root is 'classified as a Yang tonic with an affinity for assisting with structural repair especially of connective tissue and bone.'" It increases circulation and aids in building strong tendons and bones. Teasel Root Extract helps damaged bone tissue grow, stimulating new bone growth. It also helps alleviate muscle pain. Recent research shows that Teasel Root Extract helps strengthen and build bone mass, especially in porous trabecular bone.

2. A natural diuretic: Teasel Root Extract is an excellent diuretic, making it great for ridding the body of excess water weight, as it encourages the flow of urine. This dynamic root also stimulates sweating, which is another way to rid the body of toxins (sweating acts as a diuretic). It rids the body of unneeded salt and water, which can also help with tissue swelling (inflammation).


1. Teasel Root Extract can be used in medicine.
2. Teasel Root Extract can be used in health food.

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