konjac extract powder 90.0% gulcomannan(UV)

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Konjac is the only plant that can extract a large amount of glucomannan, accounting for about 50%-60% of the dry weight. In addition to glucomannan, konjac also contains more starch, protein, multivitamins and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and selenium. At the same time, konjac is also a plant containing a large amount of ceramide. The content of ceramide is the highest among the plants found so far, about 10 to 15 times that of other known plants, and the development prospect is very broad.



(1) Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis:
(2) Anti-cancer and detumescence
(3) laxative, reduce fat absorption
(4) Alleviate hunger and lose weight
(5) Konjac polysaccharide has a variety of biological functions, including improving glucose and lipid metabolism, promoting immune function, preventing cell lipid peroxidation, and resisting skin inflammatory factors, etc.
(6) Moisturizing effect
(7) Anti-aging effect


(1) Gourmet area
(2) Healthcare Filing
(3) Cosmetics field

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