• Stevia Extract Rebaudioside

A New Choice for Sugar Reduction and Control: Stevia Extract Rebaudioside

An intensely sweet-tasting plant, stevia is used as a healthy alternative to added sugar in many meals and beverages. China is currently the main exporter of stevia extract products.

The roles of stevia extract rebaudioside:

The sweetening ingredients in stevia natural sweeteners occur naturally. This feature may benefit those who prefer natural foods and drinks. The low-calorie content makes stevia a healthy alternative for diabetes management or weight loss.

1. Reduce Diabetes

Stevia had little to no effect on blood sugar, insulin levels, blood pressure, and body weight, whereas stevia glycosides resulted in significantly lower postprandial blood sugar and glucagon responses.

2. Control weight

Stevia can replace dietary sugar for weight management.

3. Lower blood pressure

Research suggests that rebaudioside A RA 98% may help lower blood pressure. The stevia plant may have cardiotonic effects. Cardiotonic action normalizes blood pressure and regulates the heartbeat.

4. Laxative

Stevia is also a healthy food that can moisten the intestines and is laxative. This food is rich in cellulose and dietary fiber, which can speed up gastrointestinal motility after people eat it.

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