Alisma Orientalis Extract
  • Alisma Orientalis Extract
  • Alisma Orientalis Extract

Alisma Orientalis Extract

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Alisma Orientalis Extract is extracted from the herbal plant Alisma, and the main active ingredient is Alisma triterpene alcohol. Alisma plant is a perennial marsh herb, belonging to Alismaceae; its rhizome is short, and basal, and Alisma blooms white flowers in summer, arranged in large round-shaped branched panicles, and the flowers are bisexual. Wild Alisma generally grows in wetlands.


1) Prevent arteriosclerosis: Alisma has the effect and function of preventing arteriosclerosis. Alisma can reduce the fat content of our liver, and can effectively inhibit the accumulation of fat in our liver, prevent our blood vessels from atherosclerosis, inhibit the formation of vascular intima plaques, and prevent arteriosclerosis.
2) Diuretic: Alisma also has diuretic effect and function. When Alisma enters our body, our urine output will increase, and the urea and chloride in the body will decrease. Especially for people with nephritis, the diuretic effect of Alisma is very obvious.
3) Lowering blood pressure: Alisma also has the effect and function of lowering blood pressure. The extract of Alisma Alisma alcohol can slowly contract our arteries, relax our blood vessels, increase the blood flow in the large coronary arteries, reduce the pressure of the ventricles, and lower blood pressure.


1) For Pharmaceutical.
2) For dietary supplement ingredients.
3) For feed additives.

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