• Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera extract not only has moisturizing effect, but also can be used in medicine

We are not unfamiliar with aloe vera, and we have seen aloe vera extract in the ingredient list of the products we eat every day. So what are the uses and specific effects of aloe vera extract?

Uses of Aloe Vera Extract:

It is mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, health care, diet, and so on. Aloe vera has a wide range of health products, and food, and skin care products.

Aloe vera extract

Benefits of aloe vera extract:

1. Nutrition and moisturizing

Aloe vera extract contains glucose, mannose, uronic acid, calcium, hydrated egg, and other ingredients, as well as other trace elements, with nutrition and moisturizing, sunscreen, hair care, and other effects.

2. Improve the circulatory system

Aloe vera extract contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids and traces elements, which have the functions of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, improving immune function, increasing interleukin, reducing blood lipids, blood sugar, and blood pressure, improving the circulatory system, increasing appetite, and improving sleep quality.

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