Beet Root Extract

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Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is a biennial herbaceous plant of the genus Beta in the family Chenopodiaceae, with succulent, conical roots. The stem is erect, the basal leaves are oblong, the petioles are long, the upper surface is uneven, and the lower part has thick convex veins, entire or slightly wavy, the petioles are strong, and the cauline leaves are alternate. Widely used in food, health products, animal feed, etc.


Product Name

Beet Root Extract 

Botanical Source

Beet Root

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Specification we can supply

1)  Straight Powder & Juice Powder (Normal & Organic) 

2) Ratio Extract:4:1、10:1、20:1(TLC) 

3) Standard Extract:0.3%-10% betaine (HPLC)

                                     beetroot redE5-50



1) The skin benefits of beetroot include its cleansing action;
2) Beetroot reduces high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
3) Beetroot juice has an antihypertensive effect;
4) The betaine in beetroot is good for people with hypochlorhydria, a condition characterized by low levels of stomach acid;
5) Beetroot is also believed to help fight cancer-causing compounds called nitrosamines;
6) Beetroot can also suppress inflammation associated with heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.


1) Feed
2) Cosmetics
3) Healthcare Products
4) Beverage

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