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Benefits of Arginine Supplements

Arginine is an essential amino acid in neonatal mammals and a conditionally essential amino acid in adult mammals.

In addition to being used as a raw material for the synthesis of body proteins, arginine is also a precursor for the synthesis of creatine, glutamine, pyrimidine, polyamines, and nitric oxide. It plays an important role in various physiological processes such as enhancing the body's immunity, cell division, wound recovery, and hormone secretion.

Benefits of Arginine Supplements

The benefits of arginine supplements:

1. Promote metabolism

Arginine can help activate lipase, accelerate the burning of body fat, and promote metabolism.

2. Improve male sexual dysfunction

Penile erection requires nitric oxide to support. The natural way to increase nitric oxide is to take arginine orally, which can increase the nitric oxide content of penile endothelial cells and achieve the effect of helping erection.

3. Improve cardiovascular

Arginine dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, thus improving circulation throughout the body.

4. Improve immunity

Arginine can effectively improve immunity, and promote the immune system to secrete endogenous substances such as phagocytic cells and leukocytes, which is beneficial to prevent virus infection.

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