• Berberine can also cure 7 kinds of skin diseases?

Berberine can also cure 7 kinds of skin diseases?

Berberine is commonly found in berberine hydrochloride tablets or capsules in drugstores. Berberine is an extract of Coptis Chinensis, which has the functions of detoxification and heat-clearing and has an obvious antipruritic effect, which can reduce inflammation and swelling, promote granulation growth, and wound repair.

These seven skin diseases can be tried with berberine.

1. Shingles

Usage: Grind berberine into powder, make a thin paste with distilled water, and apply to the affected area, 2 times a day.

2. Treatment of acute eczema

Usage: Add 5 pieces of berberine to every 100ml of boiling water, mix with each use, and use at room temperature. 

3. Pediatric prickly heat

Usage: Dissolve 10 pieces of berberine in 3000ml warm water, and bathe the child, once a day in the morning and evening.

4. Neonatal erythema

Usage: Take 10 berberine tablets, grind them into powder, add 2000~3000mI warm water, and take a bath once a day for 5 minutes each time.

5. Neonatal impetigo

Usage: prepare 0.1% berberine solution, the water temperature is 38~40℃, wet compress the affected area for 3~5min. 3 times a day, those with a large area can take a bath with this water.

6. Diaper dermatitis

Usage: Take 10 berberine tablets, and dissolve them in 3000ml warm water, the water temperature is 38~40℃. Wet compress the affected area for 3 to 5 minutes.

7. Traumatic eczema on the skin of the surgical site after fracture

Usage: Take an appropriate amount of berberine tablets to remove the sugar coating, grind them into powder, apply them to the wound, and change the wound dressing once a day.

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