Bergenia Ligulata Extract
  • Bergenia Ligulata Extract
  • Bergenia Ligulata Extract

Bergenia Ligulata Extract

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Bergenin can be isolated from Bergenia species like Bergenia ciliata and Bergenia ligulata, from rhizomes of Bergenia stracheyi. It is also found in the stem bark of Dryobalanops aromatica, in Ardisia elliptical, and in Mallotus japonicus.


1) Bergeninum Extract Bergenin has analgesia, sedation, hypnosis;
2) Bergeninum Extract Bergenin has an antitussive effect.
3) Bergeninum Extract Bergenin has an anti-inflammation effect and cures chronic bronchitis and chronic gastritis.


1) Applied in the cosmetics industry, bergeninum can be used for acne treatment and skin whitening by inhibiting the activity of Tyrosinase.
2) Applied as the healthcare product, bergeninum can supply nutrition and strengthen the body, and also can help to stop bleeding and relieve cough.

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