• Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract - Black Peppermint: Nutrient Bioavailability Enhancer

Black pepper, also known as piperine, is a natural active substance in black pepper extract. Pepper is considered the "king of spices", and its pungent smell comes from piperine.

Bioavailability is an important indicator of the extent to which the body absorbs and utilizes drugs or nutrients. Black pepper can enhance the permeability of the small intestinal epithelial cell membrane, improve the absorption of nutrients such as Q10 in the small intestine, and also inhibit the enzyme glucuronyl transferase (UGT) to reduce the excretion of nutrients and improve their bioavailability.

Black Pepper

For example, black pepper extract, black peppermint, increases curcumin absorption by nearly 20 times, and this health-promoting turmeric root extract has been clinically proven to have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Compared to taking curcumin alone, black peppercorn increases the bioavailability of curcumin without any side effects.


The safety of black peppercorns is high, and it has no genotoxicity, immunotoxicity, or mutagenic toxicity when ingested at high doses. Even the intake doses up to 20 times the normal level did not show any negative effects.

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