• Black rice is known as a health product. What is the effect of black rice extract?

Black rice is known as a health product. What is the effect of black rice extract?

Compared with white rice, black rice contains more dietary fiber, so the starch in black rice is not easily converted into blood sugar, so it is more suitable for diabetics to eat black rice. In addition, black rice also contains potassium, magnesium, and other trace elements that can maintain blood pressure balance, so it is beneficial to regulate blood pressure balance and prevent cardiovascular disease to a certain extent. So what are the benefits of black rice extract

1. Anti-aging

Black rice extract is very high in vitamin E and anthocyanin, these two substances are important components against free radical activity in the human body, so they have the effect of delaying aging.

2. Regulate blood sugar

Black rice extract contains a large of amino acids, among which leucine is not only rich in content but also a natural substance that regulates human blood sugar. It can keep human blood sugar in the normal range. In addition, this acidic component can also make the excess fat in the human body quickly consumed, which plays a role in maintaining the human body.

3. Healthcare

Black rice extract contains a lot of plant pigments. This black plant pigment can have an effect on black hair. In addition, this black millet also has a very good nourishing effect on human kidneys.

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