Buchu Leaves Extract
  • Buchu Leaves Extract
  • Buchu Leaves Extract

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Agathosma betulina is an evergreen shrub native to western South Africa. The highly aromatic buchu leaves were used by indigenous people for their healthful properties for centuries. Later adopted into traditional European herbal practices, buchu leaf can be used in extracts, liqueurs, teas, and topical applications.

Buchu is a small, green, woody plant and a member of the Rutaceae family. In several reports of the late nineteenth century, buchu was described as "about the size of a hedgehog." The leaves have an incredibly pungent aroma that is similar to peppermint that increases as the leaves are dried.


1) Buchu leaf extract can be used as an anti-inflammatory.
2) Buchu leaf extract is used for urinary tract infections and prostate disorders.
3) Buchu leaf extract can be used for rheumatism, colds, and flu.
4) Buchu leaf extract can prevent diuretics and diabetes.
5) Buchu leaf extract can be used for high blood pressure.


1) Applied in the health product field
2) Applied in the functional food field
3) Applied in the pharmaceutical field

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