Butchers Broom Extract
  • Butchers Broom Extract
  • Butchers Broom Extract

Butchers Broom Extract

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Butchers Broom is a shrub belonging to the genus Pseudophylla, family Pseudophylla.  The leaves of the pseudophyllostachys degenerated into small 3mm scales, and its twigs grew into flat leaves that were mistaken for their leaves.  The peanut of the false leaf tree is in the center or side of the "leaf", where the fruit is formed after the flower has fallen.  They can be grown as an ornamental, dried and dyed for decoration, used as a broom (hence the common name "butcher's broom"), and eaten when young.


1) Improve chronic venous insufficiency.
2) Treat Varicose veins.
3) Prevent Atherosclerosis.
4) Vasoconstriction (blood vessel narrowing) effects.
5) Tone up a sluggish venous system and reduce capillary fragility.
6) Treat venous circulatory disorders (especially for women complaining of a heavy sensation in the legs, and leg cramps, itching and swelling).
7) Enzymatic effect reduces pain and swelling.
8) Treat hemorrhoids.
9) Anti-inflammatory.


1) Pharmaceutical Industry: The combination of the Butcher's broom extract and the Horse Chestnut extract has the effect of treating varicose veins.
2) Used for athlete nutrition recovery agents.
3) Cosmetic Industry: Shampoo product.

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