Capsicum Extract
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract

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Oleoresin capsicum is a high-quality raw material, and the use of an advanced extraction process crafted a dark red oil-soluble oil-like liquid natural pigment. Its main ingredient is chili red pigment, Pepper Yuhong Su, rich in B-carotene and vitamin C, belongs to the carotenoid, the adjustment of physiological metabolic functions.


1) Its red color is the most used natural red color in the world.
2) Chilli capsaicin oleoresin possesses anti-oxidant, analgesia, anticancer & anti-inflammation features. Liquid Capsaicin Extract radically reduce free radicals in our body.


1) Oleoresin capsicum is currently a popular anti-oxidant.
2) Flavouring Agent: Due to its pungent effect, Capsicum Oleoresin is used to provide flavor in food products.
3) Safety Gear: capsicum extract is used in making safety gear for girls and can make a person blind for a few minutes.
4) Preservative: Capsaicinoids help to preserve the meat and other food items against microbial activity.
5) Chilli oleoresin and liquid capsaicin extract compounds are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.

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