Cassia Twig Extract
  • Cassia Twig Extract
  • Cassia Twig Extract

Cassia Twig Extract

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Cassia Twig is the dried shoot of cinnamomum in the camphor family. Harvest in spring and summer, remove leaves, dry, or slice dry. It is long cylindrical, multi-branched, 30 ~ 75cm long, with a diameter of 0.3 ~ 1cm.


1) Cassia Twig good wind cold can treat cold wind cold, fever, and cold, regardless of sweat, no sweat can be applied. Such as wind cold surface disease, the body does not sweat, with ephedra, having a phase effect, can promote sweating; wind-cold surface disease, careful body sweating, with peony, etc., have the role of coordinating Ying Wei.
2) The laurel branch can warm the meridians, cold and damp rheumatism and pain, more with aconite, qiang live, windproof equivalent; For amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea caused by cold stagnation of Qi and blood, it is often used with Angelica sinensis, Peony and peach kernel. Cassia twig is warm, good to Tong Yang, can transform Yin cold, Yin cold to block Yang, body fluid can not be transferred, so water stagnation to form phlegm drink disease, often compatible with the application of Poria, white art, etc.: such as bladder gasification, urine is unfavorable, with Cassia twig to Tongyang Qi, help water medicine to tong Li urine, often with poria, Z


1) Applied in the food field, used as raw materials of tea gets a good reputation.
2) Applied in the health product field, it can be used as the raw materials to enhance immunity.
3) Applied in the pharmaceutical field, to be added into the capsule.

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