Cat’S Claw Extract
  • Cat’S Claw Extract
  • Cat’S Claw Extract

Cat’S Claw Extract

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Cat's claw is a perennial herb of the Ranunculus family. Roots multiple fascicled, subfusiform or suboblong, fleshy, claw-like, stem 5 to 17 cm tall. Basal leaves from raw, apical lobes oblong-ovate, lateral lobes cuneate-obovate, smaller, margin obtuse or notched, cauline leaves sessile, lobes striped, apex obtuse. Inflorescence with few flowers stems sparsely puberulent, green, broadly elliptic, puberulent, petals yellow, obovate. Achenes are broadly obovate. Flowering in April to May, fruit in May to June.


1) Anti-inflammatory:
The active ingredients in a cat's claw extract can reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism.
2) Antioxidant:
Cat's paw extract has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can remove free radicals in the body and reduce the impact of oxidative damage on the body.
3) Immune regulation:
Cat's claw extract can regulate the function of the immune system, enhance the body's immunity, and prevent infection and disease.


1) Applied in pharmaceutical.
2) Applied in supplements and nutritional powder.
3) Applied in functional foods, energy bars, beverages, and energy drinks.

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