Copper Gluconate

Copper Gluconate

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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Product Name: Copper Gluconate

Grade: Food grade

CAS: 527-09-3

Appearance: Light Blue Powder

Specification: 99%

Storage: Keep in a cool & dry place, stay away from strong light and heat

Shelf Life: 24 months


1) Trace mineral that is essential to bone formation and the maintenance of healthy nerves.
2) Facilitates iron absorption, hemoglobin, and red blood cells.
3) Helps the body to oxidize vitamin C.
4) Works with Zinc and Vitamin C to form elastin.
5) Aids in the production of RNA.
6) Copper nutrition enhancer: Used in dairy products, baby and child foods.


1) Used in food additives.
2) Used in cosmetics.
3) Used in medicine.
4) Used in Nutritional supplements.

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