Dendrobium Extract
  • Dendrobium Extract
  • Dendrobium Extract

Dendrobium Extract

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Dendrobium nobile is one of the orchid plants, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands. Most of our country is distributed in the southwest, South China, Taiwan, and other places. The main varieties of Dendrobium are Dendrobium nobile, Dendrobium densiflorum, Dendrobium drumstick, and so on. Can be used as medicine, known as Dendrobium, on the human body and has the effect of dispelling deficiency and heat, strengthening Yin, and so on. With the rise of the flower industry.

Dendrobium has become an ornamental plant. Dendrobium is generally cultivated in pots. Dendrobium is known as father's flower because of its strong character, and peaceful and amiable temperament. Dendrobium plants are composed of fleshy stems, which are as thick as the middle finger, and leaves like bamboo leaves and flowers are pulled out from the axilla of the leaves. There are seven or eight flowers in each flower, six petals in each flower, scattered on all sides, with purple petal edges and a white petal heart.


1) Clearing heat and moistening dryness, enhancing insulin, and lowering blood sugar levels.
2) Dendrobium has a killing effect on human lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and promyelocytic leukemia, and has strong anti-tumor activity.
3) It has the effect of nourishing the stomach Yin and strengthening the stomach.
4) Anti-oxidation, anti-aging.


1) Applied used in cosmetic fields.
2) Applied used in pharmaceutic fields.

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