Desalted Seaweed Powder
  • Desalted Seaweed Powder
  • Desalted Seaweed Powder

Desalted Seaweed Powder

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The series of Seaweed extract is extracted from marine seaweed through the Biochemistry method containing cytokinin, oligomeric alginate potassium, betaine, mannitol, polysaccharide, iodine, microelement, and alginic polyphenol, etc.

It has remarkable functions in promoting cell division, anti-stress, anti-plant diseases, and insect pests, increasing yield, regulating growth and improving soil condition, and so on. Meanwhile, it can comply with the requirement of producing green organic food because of its high efficiency and safety.


1) Promoting crop root system growth.
2) Inhibiting deleterious bacilli in soil.
3) Increasing crop root systems' resistance to disease.
4) Boosting the conservation ability of soil.
5) Increasing the seed's rate of germination.
6) Degrading pesticide residue.


1) Spraying: dilute it with water for 1000-1500 times, spraying on leaves without burning sun and raining at intervals of 10-15 days during the growing season.
2) Drip Irrigation/root dipping: dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times.
3) Seed treatment: 0.5-1.0kg for 1-ton seeds.
4) Water flush: flushing 10kgs/ha with water into the soil.

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