Dimorphandra Mollis Extract
  • Dimorphandra Mollis Extract
  • Dimorphandra Mollis Extract

Dimorphandra Mollis Extract

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Quercetin Dihydrate is soluble in glacial acetic acid, yellow in alkaline solution, almost insoluble in water, and bitter in alcohol solution. As a medicine, it has good expectorant and antitussive effects and has a certain antiasthmatic effect. In addition, it also lowers blood pressure, enhances capillary resistance, reduces capillary fragility, lowers blood lipids, dilatation of coronary arteries, and increases coronary blood flow. It is used for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. It is also has adjuvant therapy for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.


1) It has a good expectorant, cough relieving effect, and has a certain antiasthmatic effect.
2) It can reduce blood pressure, enhance capillary resistance, reduce capillary brittleness, reduce blood lipids, dilate coronary arteries, and increase coronary blood flow.
3) It is used to treat chronic bronchitis.
4) It also has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on coronary heart disease and hypertension patients.


1) Quercetin powder is mainly used in oils, beverages, cold drinks, and meat products.
2) Healthcare supplement.

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