• Chaga Mushroom Extract

For health, you need to know about the king of fungi: Chaga

Chaga, a wild medicinal mushroom, is a marvel in the natural world, constantly offering us its many wondrous benefits. Many people take Chaga for its anti-aging properties. This fungi mainly grows in the extremely cold regions above 45 degrees north latitude in the northern hemisphere, and is parasitic on birch trees. Its exterior is black-gray, while its interior is bright yellow-brown. Consistent with its hardiness in extreme climates, Chaga is cold-resistant and can survive and thrive despite temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees! 

Not only can Chaga be consumed as food, but it also serves as a health supplement with numerous benefits. It can help individuals improve various problems, such as delaying aging, lower blood sugar, and even fighting off allergies. Chaga's abundance of health benefits makes it a powerful natural tool in keeping our bodies in good shape; that is why we must be sure to receive its helping hand each chance we get!

Chaga has been gaining more and more attention from domestic and foreign scientists due to its fascinating properties of Chaga extract powder. Various studies have been conducted to investigate the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of the extract and their results have positively demonstrated the presence of catechins, polysaccharides, and polyphenols, all of which have been revealed as possessing strong antioxidant properties. 

As a medicinal mushroom, Chaga mushroom extract appeals to a wide range of audiences, from the elderly due to its anti-inflammatory effects, to the middle-aged group looking for general wellbeing as well as the young people that are willing to further strengthen their natural defenses. 

The most recommended group to include Chaga in their diets though, are the sub-healthy individuals, as its exclusive blend of compounds can help them cope with mild ailments whilst improving their overall organism's functioning.

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