JHD Corp factory Fructus Perillae Extract
  • JHD Corp factory Fructus Perillae Extract
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  • Fructus Perillae Extract

Fructus Perillae Extract

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FructusPerillae is the seed of fructusperillae, a type of plant in the labiaceae family. It can be used as a seasoning, which has the function of removing fishiness, increasing freshness and enhancing flavor. At the same time, it has certain medicinal value, with the effect of lowering qi, clearing phlegm, moistening lung and widening intestine. Perilla is also a highly effective plant "preservative".
Perilla seeds contain a lot of oil, oil yield as high as 45%, oil contains linolenic acid 62.73%, linoleic acid 15.43%, oleic acid 12.01%. The protein content of seed accounted for 25%, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, among which the content of lyaic acid and methionine was higher than that of high protein Amaranthus seed. In addition, there are glutamate, vitamin E, vitamin B1, alcohol, phospholipid and so on.


1. Antioxidant activity,
2. Antiviral activity,
3. Anti-inflammatory effect,
4. Anti-thrombus, anti-platelet aggregation,
5. Antibacterial.


1. Health care field
2. Pharmaceutical field

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