Green Lipped Mussel extract
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Green Lipped Mussel extract

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The mussels contain a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, Omega-3 fats, enzymes and many more nutrients. This is why there are so many health benefits and why the mussels are considered a food.


1. Helps treat arthritis and joint pain and can increase mobility.
2. Boosts the health of the cardiovascular system.
3. Lowers levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol.
4. Improves immunity against illness.
5. Great source of iron.
6. Improves joint health.
7. Helps treat asthma by reducing inflammation of the airways.
8. Improves skin health


1. Applied in food field, mainly to be used as food additives.
2. Applied in health product field.
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

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