Hops Extract
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Hops Extract

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Hops (scientific name: Humulus lupulus Linn.) is a genus of Moraceae, a perennial climbing herb with stems, branches and petioles and barbs. Leaf blade ovate or broadly ovate, apex acutely lanceolate, base sate or subulate. The male flowers are arranged in panicles, and the perianth segments and stamens are 5; each of the female flowers is born between a scorpion and a stalk; the bracts are arranged in a tile-like shape as a nearly spherical spike. Fruit cone-like, achenes flat, flowering in autumn.Native to Europe, America, and Asia.


Hops has the effect of invigorating the stomach, eliminating food, diuresis, calming the nerves, anti tuberculosis and anti inflammation. Commonly used in dyspepsia, abdominal distension, edema, cystitis, tuberculosis, cough, insomnia, leprosy.


1) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.
2) Applied in the food field.
3) Applied in health products.

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