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Katemfe fruit is so sweet, does eating it often affect blood sugar?

Katemfe fruit is a herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Arrowroot. Its fruit is a triangular fleshy fruit, which turns from dark green to brown when first ripened, and bright red when fully ripe. Each fruit has 1-3 dark black seeds topped with a pliable aril that contains a very sweet, sticky substance. katemfe fruit is produced in warm rainforest regions. Katemfe fruit extract - thaumatin is known as the sweetest substance in the world, 30,000 times sweeter than fructose! 

Some experts say that the sweetness of katemfe fruit extract - thaumatin is almost 3,000 times that of sugar cane that is usually eaten, so many people will wonder whether eating too much will affect blood sugar levels. Thaumatin is a protein that, while sweet, does not affect blood sugar.

Why is this fruit so sweet? We all know that any fruit will use photosynthesis to hoard nutrients for itself. The leaves of this fruit are very lush and very wide. A steady stream of nutrients makes its fruit so sweet.

Katemfe fruit has strong stability, and low nutrition, and is also very good food for weight loss. British scientists have also conducted experiments especially, and the experiments have shown that even if a large amount of food is eaten, it will not affect the body, but on the contrary, it is beneficial to the body.

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