• L-Arabinose
  • L-Arabinose


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L -Arabinose is a kind of aldopentose, it's a low-calorie sweetener, it inhibits the sucrase activity and prevents increasing blood glucose, therefore, it can prevent fat accumulation and against high blood glucose disease. L Arabinose is more common than D-arabinose in nature, it can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, preparing culture medium and be used for synthesis in the flavor industry. 


1) Inhibit the metabolism and absorption of sucrose.
2) Control the increase of blood glucose.
3) Inhibit lipogenesis and control body weight.
4) Reduce serum triglycerides, lower cholestrol.
5) Improve skeletal muscle, and improve insulin resistance.
6) Protect the liver and alleviate a hangover.


1) Food Industry: food for diabetics, diet food, healthy functional food, and sucrose additive.
2) Medicine: prescription and OTC drugs additive for diet or controlling blood glucose, drug excipient, intermediate of flavor, and drug synthesis.

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