• Learn an herbal every day - jujube

Learn an herbal every day - jujube

Jujube, also known as red dates, is a common ingredient in life, and it can also be used as Chinese herbal medicine. When the jujube matures, the color of the appearance will turn red, and it can be eaten fresh or dried in the sun. Jujube has a sweet taste, attractive taste, and high nutritional value.

The efficacy and role of jujube:

1. Enrich the blood

Enriching the blood is one of the important functions of jujube. The plant protein and natural polysaccharides it contains can nourish blood and enhance human quality. The trace element iron it contains can promote the regeneration of red blood cells in the human body and improve the hematopoietic function of the human body. 

2. Alleviating medicinal properties

Jujube can also alleviate the medicinal properties of various Chinese herbal medicines. After drying, it can be combined with a variety of Chinese herbal medicines to reduce the toxicity of these Chinese herbal medicines, protect the human spleen and stomach, and reduce the effects of drug toxicity on them. harm.

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