• Learn an herbal every day - mulberry leaf

Learn an herbal every day - mulberry leaf

Most the mulberry trees grow in the mountains and forests and by the roadside and are relatively common trees. Among them, the dried old leaves of the mulberry trees are mainly used as medicines, that is, the dried mulberry leaves.

How to get better quality mulberry leaves? Collect and dry after frost falls from October to November every year. Place mulberry leaves in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth; store mulberry leaves in dry containers to prevent mildew.

The main effect of mulberry leaves is to prevent and treat wind-heat cold, lung-heat cough, and hemoptysis caused by blood heat. At the same time, if you have a toothache or a sore throat, you can use mulberry leaves to boil water to drink.

What is more noteworthy is that mulberry leaf polysaccharides and alkaloids in mulberry leaves are experts in lowering blood sugar. Generally, after boiling mulberry leaves and other foods, the effect of lowering blood sugar will be better.
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