• Learn an herbal every day - Gastrodia elata

Learn an herbal every day - Gastrodia elata

Usually, many people like to use Gastrodia elata to make soup and drink it, which can supplement the body with rich nutrition, and Gastrodia elata is also an excellent medicinal material. It has a strong analgesic effect and can significantly relieve various neuropathic pain. When taking gastrodia elata, you should also pay attention to its taboos, otherwise, it will have adverse effects on the body after consumption.

Gastrodia elata efficacy and role:

1. Analgesic effect

The medicinal ingredients contained in Gastrodia elata can directly act on the central nervous system of humans, and can quickly relieve neuropathic pain in humans, especially when people have trigeminal neuralgia and neuropathic headache, taking more Gastrodia elata can quickly relieve pain.

2. Sedative effect

Gastrodia elata is rich in gastrodin and gastrodia elata, these two substances can enhance human nerve function, can prevent and relieve human neurasthenia and neurological syndrome, can prevent human nerves from being overexcited, and moderate consumption can calm the nerves and regulate emotions, which will make human beings the bad mood that appeared quickly subsided.

3. Helps your brain

Usually, people eat more Gastrodia elata, which is of great benefit to maintaining brain function. In addition, it can also promote intellectual development, enhance memory, and make people smarter, while middle-aged and elderly people can prevent memory decline after eating it. 

The contraindication of eating Gastrodia elata

It is forbidden to cook gastrodia elata in water for a long time because it contains rich gastrodia glycosides, which is an excellent medicinal ingredient, but it is prone to volatilize after preheating. If gastrodia elata is decocted for a long time, its medicinal efficacy will decline.

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