Maca Extract
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  • Maca Extract

Maca Extract

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Maca Extract MacaP.E is a yellow-brown powder drug, the main components are amino acids, mineral zinc, taurine, etc. It has the effects of regulating the adrenal gland, pancreas, and testicles, improving qi and blood, and relieving menopause.


1) The amino acid, mineral zinc, taurine, and other components in maca extract have an obvious anti-fatigue effect.
2) The unique bioactive substances macaene and marmalade can improve sperm count and vitality. A variety of alkaloids in the maca act on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to regulate the functions of the adrenal gland, pancreas, and testis.
3) For women, it can also improve Qi and blood and relieve menopausal symptoms.


1) Anti-fatigue, enhance energy and physical strength.
2) Improve sexual function, increase sperm count, and increase sperm motility.
3) Tonify the kidney and strengthen yang, impotence, and premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction.

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