Mallow Extract
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  • Mallow Extract

Mallow Extract

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Mallow, biennial, or perennial erect herbs, 50-90 cm tall, branched much, sparsely hirsute.  Leaves rounded cordate or reniform, with 5-7 crenate obtuse lobes, glabrous on both surfaces or sparsely short strigose on veins only.  Flowers 3-11 fascicled, bracteoles 3, oblong sparsely pilose. Flowers purplish red or white, 3.5-4 cm in diam., petals 5, spatulate, 2 cm long, apex emarginate, claws bearded.  Fruit oblate, mericarp 9-11, reniform, pilose;  Seeds dark brown, reniform, 2 mm long.  Flowering May - October.  In addition to its ornamental function, the flower is also popular for its medicinal value, as it can be used to make fragrant tea, and blue tea can turn pink when dropped with lemon.  Clearing heat and dampness, regulating qi, and relieving constipation.  Used for poor stool, umbilicus abdominal pain, and scrofula, with disease.


1) Relieving coughs.
2) Marshmallow root.
3) Improving dry mouth.
4) Protecting against ulcers.
5) Soothing skin irritation.
6) Healing wounds.
7) Protecting the throat from gastric reflux.


1) Applied in the food field.
2) Applied in the beverages field.
3) Applied in the cosmetics field.
4) Applied in the health products field.

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