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  • Maltodextrin


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Maltodextrin is a kind of hydrolysis product between starch and starch sugar. It has characteristics of good fluidity and solubility, moderate viscidity, emulsification, stableness and anti-recrystallization, low water absorbability, less agglomeration, and better carrier for sweeteners, aromatizers, and stuffing.


It is widely used in beverages, frozen food, candy, cereal, dairy products, health products, and other industries, as well as in textile, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical production.


1) Confection: Improving the taste, tenacity, and structure of foods; Preventing recrystallization and extending shelf life.
2) Beverages: The beverages are scientifically prepared with Maltodextrin, which adds flavor, is soluble, consistent, and delicious, and reduces sweet taste and cost. There are more advantages to these kinds of beverages than to traditional drinks and foods such as ice cream, fast tea coffee, etc.
3) In fast foods: As a nice stuffing or carrier, it can be used in infant foods to improve their quality and health care function. It is beneficial to children and infants.
4) In Paper-Making Industries: Maltodextrin can be used in paper-making industries as bond materials because it has good fluidity and strong cohesion-tension. The quality, structure, and shape of the paper can be improved.
5) In Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Maltodextrin can be used in cosmetics that may have more effect to protect skin with more luster and elasticity. In Toothpaste pro

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