• African mango seed extract

Mango seed extract or other related extracts may gain market dominance

Every beauty-loving person may have trouble losing weight, and perhaps the popular African mango seed extract can be considered in the selection of products.

Persistence Market Research, a market consultancy, predicts that by 2026, the global compound annual growth rate of African mango seed extract will stabilize at 3.7%, mainly used in weight loss products.

African mango seed

Mango seed extract is mainly derived from a wild mango in the tropical rainforest of Cameroon, Africa. It is different from other types of mangoes. The seed extract produced has a certain effect on diet and appetite reduction.

However, weight management is only one of the driving forces behind the development of mango seed extract. Animal studies have shown that mango leaf extract can promote central nervous system excitement and can work synergistically with caffeine. Expect mango-derived extracts to play an important role in the field of weight loss and energy supplementation.

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