Marigold Flower Extract; Zeaxanthin
  • Marigold Flower Extract; Zeaxanthin
  • Marigold Flower Extract; Zeaxanthin
  • Marigold Flower Extract; Zeaxanthin

Marigold Flower Extract

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Marigold Flower Extract Zeaxanthin is a typical oil-soluble chloroplast pigment.In nature,it is widely found in green leafy vegetables,flowers, fruits,medlar and yellow corn.In human body,zeaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that can also protect tissue cells by scavenging free radicals,thus protecting the biological system from some potential harmful effects caused by excessive oxidation.

Product Name
Marigold Extract
Botanical Source
Tagetes erecta L.
1KG/aluminum foil bag
Payment items
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Kosher/ Halal/ISO/USDA & EU organic etc
1) Zeaxanthin Powder 1%~80%(HPLC/UV)
2) Zeaxanthin CWS Powder 1%~20%(HPLC/UV)
3) Zeaxanthin Beadlets 5%~20% (HPLC/UV)
4)Zeaxanthin Oil suspending 5%,10%,20% (HPLC)
5) Lutein powder 5%-70% HPLC
6) Lutein beadlets 5%,10% HPLC
China & USA warehouse Stocks supply Marigold Extract Lutein & zeaxanthin


1. Zeaxanthin is a natural pigment, with a strong tinting power, dosage low, color bright-colored.
2. Zeaxanthin is anti-oxidation and inhibits the activity of active oxygen-derived free radicals.
3. Zeaxanthin can protect eyesight, and prevent it from descending.
4. Zeaxanthin has anti-tumor effect.


1. Medicine and health care industry: It can be formulated into health foods that are anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and improve immunity and brain health.
2. It can be formulated into freckles, reduce wrinkles, activate skin cells, and enhance skin elasticity of cosmetics.

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