• Natural healthy slimming products - African mango seeds

Natural healthy slimming products - African mango seeds

African mango is a wild mango produced in the tropical rainforest of Cameroon, Africa. The extract of African mango seeds can effectively control weight and blood lipids. Its weight control mechanism is to suppress appetite and increase fat metabolism by regulating the obesity hormone "leptin".

Leptin is a protein composed of 169 amino acids. It is synthesized by adipose tissue and mainly acts on the hypothalamus to suppress appetite and increase metabolism and calorie consumption. The neuropeptide Y secreted by the hypothalamus stimulates appetite, and leptin can inhibit its secretion to reduce appetite. Due to the phenomenon of leptin resistance, obese people cannot regulate appetite and fat metabolism through leptin, cannot control the increase in weight, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. 

Recent studies have shown that African mango seed extract can reduce appetite by regulating the concentration and sensitivity of leptin, without taking in too many calories, plus it can increase the speed of metabolism and fat-burning metabolism to achieve weight control. In addition, African mango seed extract is rich in dietary fiber, which is beneficial to intestinal health. It can also reduce blood sugar concentration, reduce triglyceride synthesis, reduce fat, and promote circulatory system and blood lipid health. 

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