Paraguay Tea Extract
  • Paraguay Tea Extract
  • Paraguay Tea Extract

Paraguay Tea Extract

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This large, white-flowered shrub grows wild near streams but is largely cultivated in South America for the drink obtained by infusing the leaves. The leaves are alternate, large, oval, or lanceolate and broadly toothed. The fruit is a red drupe the size of pepper grains. Its name Yerba signifies the herb par excellence, and the consumption in South America is vast, as it is drunk at every meal and hour. 'Maté' is derived from the name of the vessel in which it is infused in the manner of tea, burnt sugar, or lemon juice being added. It is sucked through a tube, usually of silver, with a bulb strainer at the end, and the cup is passed around.  


1)Paraguay Tea Extract can improve the human body environment, improve the quality of blood, and maintain the body's nutritional balance.
2) Paraguay Tea Extract has refreshing refreshing nerves and solves the composition and the contradiction between the sleep quality.
3) Paraguay Tea Extract rich in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids can significantly reduce blood fat, regulating blood pressure.
4) Paraguay Tea Extract can accelerate the natural body cycle.


1) Applied in supplements, capsules, tablets, nutritional powders.
2) Applied in functional foods, energy bars, beverages, and energy drinks.

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