Phyllanthus Niruri Extract
  • Phyllanthus Niruri Extract
  • Phyllanthus Niruri Extract

Phyllanthus Niruri Extract

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Commonly known as a stonebreaker because of its strong roots, Phyllanthus Niruri is an herb that grows in tropical areas like the rainforests of the Amazon, Bahamas, China, and Southern India. It can reach 30-60 centimeters in height and when in bloom displays an array of yellow flowers.

It grows freely like a weed spreading abundantly. All parts of the plant exhibit medicinal properties. Due to its strong roots, the Phyllanthus Niruri is called a "stonebreaker". The Phyllanthus Niruri plant is dried as an extract and acts as a diuretic and astringent. 


1) It blocks DNA polymerase, an enzyme required by the Hepatitis B virus for growth and replication.
2) It inhibits lipid peroxidation and scavenges hydroxyl and superoxide in vitro.
3) It shows inhibiting properties on both COX-2 and inducible nitric oxide synthase.
4) It plays an important role in the disruption of HbsAg mRNA transcription and post-transcription which is beneficial against viral carcinogenesis.
5) It shows an antagonistic effect on the calcium channel and blocks voltage-dependent Ca currents.
6) It significantly reduces the plasma activities of alanine and aspartate transaminases and total bilirubin concentration.


1) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.
2) Widely applied in the healthcare products field.

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