• Plant extract industry is on the rise

Plant extract industry is on the rise

In recent years, the worldwide call for "returning to nature" has been heating up, and plant extracts have attracted more and more attention from the pharmaceutical and food industries, and have become one of the fastest growing industries at home and abroad.

plant extracts

Different countries have different definitions of plant extracts. It is generally believed that plant extracts use plants as raw materials. According to the needs of the extracted final product, through the process of physical and chemical extraction and separation, directional acquisition and concentration of plant extracts. A product formed by one or more active ingredients without changing its effective structure.

Plant extracts have the advantages and characteristics of less investment in development, high technical content, large added value of products, and wide international market. It is also an ideal way for traditional Chinese medicine to enter the international market. After several years of development, our country's plant extracts have a certain industrial scale, the proportion of exports has exceeded that of Chinese patent medicines, showing an upward trend.

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