JHD factory supply Radish Extract
  • JHD factory supply Radish Extract
  • Radish Extract
  • Radish Extract powder

Radish Extract

Third Party Testing Report
  • Brand: JHD Corp
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China Inventory MOQ: 1kg
US/CA/EU Inventory MOQ: 25KG

This product is dry ripe seeds of  Raphanus sativus L. Cut the plant in summer when the fruit is ripe, dry in the sun, rub out the seed, remove impurities, dry in the sun again

This product is planted Yun Nan of China. The content and test for heavy metal, microorganism, pesticide residue can meet the requirement of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 or as per your specific requirement.


Promoting digestion and direct qi downward to resolve phlegm


1. Health care field
2. Food field

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