• Rose Hip Extract

Rose Hip Extract: Anti aging and Soothing for skin

Rose hip is the fruit of the wild rose, which is a perennial deciduous shrub of the Rosaceae family. Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, about twenty times that of lemons, which can beautify the face and prevent colds.

The benefits of Rose hip extract mainly have two aspects: medicinal value and cosmetic value.

Medicinal value: Natural rose hip is good medicine for vitamin supplementation.

Rose Hip Extract

Beauty Value:

1. Repair

Rose hip Extract - Rose Hip Gum has the effect of strengthening tissue, producing living tissue, easily penetrates into the dermis, has an excellent effect on cell regeneration, repair and healing, and rebuilds damaged skin structure.

2. Firms the skin

Rose hip can improve skin regeneration and renewal ability by promoting the activity of epidermal cells, helping to synthesize collagen, improving skin wrinkles and sagging, enhance skin elasticity and firm skin.

3. Whitening

Rose hip extract is high in vitamin C and has whitening and anti-aging properties.

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