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Shilajit extract: the new face of the anti-aging market

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of shilajit extract, which assessed the herbal extract's role in maintaining skin health by measuring skin perfusion, skin blood flow, and gene expression. 

In this study, middle-aged women were given 125 mg of shilajit, 250 mg of shilajit, or a placebo daily for 14 weeks, during which six assessments were performed. Results of the study showed that subjects who took 250 mg of Shilajit for 14 weeks had improved skin perfusion and induced genes related to endothelial cell migration, blood vessel growth, and extracellular matrix compared to baseline and placebo groups.

This study provides increasing clinical evidence for the anti-aging effects of shilajit extract. Following early clinical studies, shilajit extract was found to promote upregulation of genes encoding collagen (especially COL1A1) and skeletal muscle ECM proteins, an effect synergistic with exercise. It has also been shown to improve testosterone levels, mitochondrial function (increasing ATP levels), endothelial function, and cardiovascular health, among others.

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