Soy extract
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  • Soy extract

Soy extract

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Soy peptides, also known as soybean peptides, are the enzymatic hydrolysis products of soybean proteins, usually a mixture of peptides composed of 3-6 amino acids, and their molecular weights are mainly concentrated below 1000.

As an excellent health food, it not only has the effects of lowering blood fat, easy digestion, easy absorption, promoting energy metabolism and anti-obesity, but also eliminating fatigue, enhancing muscle contraction, and anti-allergic effects. The product integrates nutritional characteristics, health care characteristics, and processing performance, has a variety of adjustment functions to the body, and is widely used in the production of food and health products. restoration of normal secretory function.


1) Soybean extract has the function of enhancing immunity and inhibiting cancer cells.
2) Soybean extract has a good therapeutic effect on osteoporosis.
3) Regulate blood lipids and Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
4) Has the effect of beauty and anti-aging.
5) With the function of regulating the estrogen levels of the female body, alleviate menopausal syndrome.


1) Medicine
2) Functional Food
3) Beverage, Food, and Cosmetics

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