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Soybean Extract 40% isoflavone

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Soybean phospholipid can increase tissue function, reduce biliary fixation yeast, improve lipid metabolism, prevention and treatment of cerebral artery, coronary artery sclerosis, it also contributes to liver health, hepatitis, fatty liver have a certain effect.  In addition, soybean phospholipid can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and prevent the acidification of body and tissues and organs. Soybean saponins can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, act directly on toxic cells, immune-regulate human function, and also destroy the structure of secondary tumor cell membrane or inhibit the synthesis of DNA


1. Soybean extract has the function of enhancing immunity and inhibiting cancer cell
2. Soybean extract has good therapeutic effect on osteoporosis
3. Regulate blood lipids and Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
4. Has the effect of beauty and anti-aging
5. With the function of regulating the estrogen levels of female body, alleviate menopausal syndrome
6. Can control thrombocytopenia and thrombin caused by the formation of thrombus fibrin, with anti-thrombotic effect.


1. Health care filed
2. Pharmaceutical Field

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