Star Anise Extract 4:1 TLC

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The octagonal fruit has the functions of invigorating the stomach, expelling wind, analgesia, regulating the middle and regulating qi, dispelling cold and dampness, and curing indigestion and neurasthenia. With the continuous improvement of the level of research and development of new drugs, its use continues to expand. Shikimic acid extracted from star anise can be used to synthesize anticancer drugs and prepare anti-A or B influenza drugs.

Dried star anise fruit contains 8%-13% shikimic acid, which is the best natural plant material. Except for the higher content of poison star anise (mangcao seed), no plants with potential large-scale production value have been found.


1. Star anise extract shikimic acid powder used to inhibite platelet aggregation and thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis;
2. Star anise extract shikimic acid powder has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect;
3. Star anise extract shikimic acid powder with the function of anti-bacterial and anti-tumor.


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