• Study: amla extract may prevent metabolic syndrome

Study: amla extract may prevent metabolic syndrome

The results of a new study on amla published by Natreon, a research and innovative producer of natural ingredients, showed that amla improved endothelial function, oxidative stress, immune response in this 12-week trial. and blood lipids have significant effects.

Of the 65 screened subjects, 59 eligible subjects were randomized and completed the study. The study consisted of two different doses of amla extract - 250 mg and 500 mg twice daily.

The results showed that both doses of amla significantly improved endothelial function, with oxidative stress biomarkers nitric oxide increased by 41.89% and 50.7%, glutathione by 24.31%, and 53.22%, malondialdehyde was reduced by 21.02%, and 31.44% and the systemic inflammatory biomarker hsCRP was reduced by 39.68% and 53.77%, respectively. The results also showed that in the 12th week of the trial, the subjects' total cholesterol levels decreased by 7.71% and 11.11%, respectively, HDL-C increased by 7.33% and 22.16%, and LDL-C levels decreased by 11.39% and 11.11%, respectively. 21.8% and triglycerides decreased by 9.81% and 19.22%, respectively.

As can be seen from the results, the 500 mg twice daily dose was significantly more effective than the 250 mg twice every 8 dose as well as the placebo. Therefore, the researchers negatively believe that this product can be used as adjuvant therapy for the conventional treatment of metabolic syndrome (lifestyle changes and drug intervention).

Dr. Sanni. Raju, Chief Executive Officer of Natreon, said amla has all the qualities to be an excellent heart health product, and it has been proven to do so in multiple clinical studies. This latest trial has once again demonstrated its ability to improve vascular health, reduce oxidative stress, and improve lipid profiles, particularly by lowering LDL and triglyceride levels. It has also shown the power to boost immune function by reducing hsCRP and improving blood flow.

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