• The application of glutathione, which is mainly used for

The application of glutathione, which is mainly used for

Glutathione has a broad-spectrum detoxification effect. It can be used not only for drugs but also as a base material for functional foods. It is widely used in functional foods such as anti-aging, enhancing immunity, and anti-tumor.

1. Clinical drugs

The glutathione drugs that have been artificially developed are widely used in clinical practice. In addition to using its sulfhydryl group to chelate heavy metals, fluoride, mustard gas, and other toxin poisoning, it is also used in hepatitis, hemolytic diseases, keratitis, cataract, and retinal diseases. etc., as a drug for treatment or adjuvant therapy.

2. Combined with vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant in the body. Because vitamin C can be reversibly hydrogenated or dehydrogenated, vitamin C plays an important role in many redox reactions in the body. Vitamin C can convert oxidized glutathione into reduced glutathione (GSH) and reduce the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) produced by the body's metabolism. Therefore, when using glutathione, can be used together with vitamin C to improve its efficacy.

A healthy and well-nourished person is able to continuously remove toxins. With age, disease, and even exercise, the level of glutathione in cells will decrease. All cells in the body must produce glutathione by themselves, so they need to continuously replenish the raw materials for synthesizing glutathione

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