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"The ideal food in the 21st century" spirulina can improve immunity

The immune system is the most important barrier to human health. It can help us resist the invasion of pathogenic substances and maintain the normal functioning of the body.

After the age of 30, the body's immunity will naturally decline. Coupled with unhealthy living and eating habits, the body will continue to have some health problems. How to improve immunity is an important topic.

Spirulina, which has high nutritional "talent" and "high utilization rate and high absorption rate", is an important player in the nutrition field to help enhance immunity. It is praised as "the ideal food in the 21st century" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Organic Spirulina Tablets are rich in many nutrients:

1. 8 essential amino acids for the human body

Leucine, Lysine, Methionine...

2. Multivitamins

Vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3...

3. Minerals

Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc...

4. Phycocyanin

5. Spirulina polysaccharide

6. β-carotene

Spirulina powder can not only inhibit the formation of various influenza virus plaques but also effectively destroy virus replication in the early stage of infection. The phycocyanin, β-carotene, Se, and spirulina polysaccharides contained in the extract of spirulina have the physiological activity of directly regulating and activating the immune response.

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